So it is that time of year (small gap between football cup finals and pre-season matches) I stop and assess the website and what I am doing with my photography in general.  Having made some tweaks to the site the one glaring uh failure I guess has been my attempt at blogging which rather quickly ran out of steam as I submerged into a very busy year football and photography wise.  So I will try again – having had some thoughts on the best way of extending subject matter so I am not focused quite so much on weather and light conditions at football matches.

Photography wise in general it has been quite a productive year – I have joined a camera club which has given me some much wider experience,  with learning opportunities and confidence boosting.  There will be more on that in future blog posts.  I have also changed both editing software and workflow quite significantly leading to improvements in my work.  I have met some other independent photographers to share tips and advice as well as horror stories.

So I prepare to start a new season of photography,  intending to continue increasing the variety in what I do, always learning always looking.


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