Today (Sat 19th Aug) was shooting for the second time at Bremhill Lane in Calne. It was a good demonstration of how it is a good idea to run through everything I am going to do before I start even if it is somewhere and something I have shot before. Last time I was at the ground it was an evening shoot of a pre season friendly. Today was an afternoon league match so while over all a very similar thing in the details were big differences. The biggest technical difference would be the light - although weather wise, lots of cloud with bits of sun, it was similar the time of day meant there was a lot more light - allowing faster shutter speeds. Also with the sun much higher in the sky it gave me more options for my position. The default position for taking photos is sun at your back but that would have put me in front of the stands - as I had to be the other evening. Where I have the choice I prefer not to do this as I move around alot and do not want to interfere too much with fans watching the game. So with the higher sun I chose to shoot from opposite the stands - having walked around the whole pitch first checking the measurements my camera was giving me. Shooting from opposite did give problems of its own - the 2 team dugouts block my view of bits of the pitch - how much and which bits depended on where I was. It meant I had to be moving more and there was a greater risk of missing important shots but there are always going to be bits a photographer would prefer to change.


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