I thought I would post a quick guide to the process I go through producing the photos I display on the site to help people understand what I am referring to in future posts and so they can gain an idea of time scales.

First off I will consider what I plan to be shooting (taking photos of) so I can decide what equipment and settings I might need. Also check the batteries and make sure lenses are clean.

Then it is off to take the pictures - get the camera out check the settings again shoot a couple of practice shots and get on with it. I will normally be taking a lot - several hundred - pictures to try and make sure that at least a few come out good enough.

Back home I take the memory card from the camera and transfer the shots to my laptop. These shots straight out of the camera can be thought of as being the negatives from the days of film - and they can be rather flat to look at. Not to mention they may be crooked, or lack composition. Once the shots are on my laptop I go through them and mark the ones I am happy with and want to develop further.

The developing process which is very similar to how negatives were used to create actual prints in film cameras is done in a photo editing program. I will start off by making sure an image is straight then crop it to improve the composition. Then I move to working with the colours, cleaning them and (hopefully) making them "jump". I finish by removing noise or what used to be called graining in film.

Once I have finished processing the pictures which will take several hours (it takes an hour to go through 20 to 25 photos) I put them away. The processing needs me focusing on details and shades and I find I struggle to look at the images as wholes. I need a good break and change of scene to reset as it were.

The last part is I look through all the processed pictures - which can be thought of as the printed photos you got from sending a film off - and choose the ones I want to use. Once that is decided I sort about getting them onto the website - this involves making smaller files and uploading them. The smaller files will display fine on screens and take up less space than the full size files. Once they are uploaded I put them in a gallery and hit publish to share them with world.


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