Yesterday (Sept 2nd) saw the first matches in the Trowbridge and district Saturday league 2017/18 and I was shooting at South Newton and Wishford where they were hosting Zeal fc.

To start off with I had been asked if I could take a team shot of the South Newton team with their new kit so I had bought the tripod to make it easier (and avoid the embarrassment of shaking and blurring planned still shots). The club chairman organised the general positioning as he knew what he wanted. As I usually find with this type of posed shot people were a little stiff and uncomfortable to start with and I tried to joke with them to get them to relax and have natural smiles.

Once the game itself started I was quite energetic - tending to be taking shots of everything that moved rather than looking for good photos. With football it can be hard to find the balance between being slow enough to look for the right shots that make good photos and being fast enough to not miss essential action shots.

The match was a high scoring one and I did manage to catch some of the goals. Ironically I find getting good pictures of goals to be difficult - firstly even with my freedom of movement on the side of the pitch it is likely that there will be players blocking clear pictures (they are doing their job) and secondly the action is a lot faster than people watching realize. My camera (Nikon D7200) shoots 6 frames per second - so for each second of time I can take 6 photographs but that still often is not enough to catch the perfect goal shot. I can a shot of the shooter before he kicks the ball with the next shot the ball in the net - both of which can look flat and uninteresting. Sometimes a sequence of shots catches it better but not always - it is amazing how far that ball can move in a fraction of a second.


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