It has been said that a big part of staying young is to keep using your brain and keep learning new things. I find photography is great for this in more than one way. Obviously, there is the aspect of learning about the camera and how to take better shots, the technical side and how to make the images as good as possible but there is another side - the subjects of the actual photographs themselves.

I find it quite annoying if I am looking at photographs of things and I want to know what they are or where they are and there is no title or information. I am a naturally curious person and want to find out stuff - so when I take photographs of whatever has caught my eye - be it a car, a bug, a flower, or whatever I like to find out what it is I took a photograph of. This means that I can spend quite a while on google trying to find pictures of the same thing I took so I can find out what they are.

Some of the things are common everyday things that surround me but I do not know what they are. This is especially true of wildflowers and plants. The world is full of wonderful plants we see all around us but do not have the foggiest idea of what they are. Thanks to my photography I have learned that the common pink flowers in the hedgerows are called "Campion"  that the brown and cream butterflies I see everywhere are called "Speckled Wood"  and that a lot of "bees" that I see are in fact not bees but flies mimicking bees



Speckled Brown Butterfly

Fly mimicking bee


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