First league match of the season

Yesterday (Sept 2nd) saw the first matches in the Trowbridge and district Saturday league 2017/18 and I was shooting at South Newton and Wishford where they were hosting Zeal fc. To start off with I had been asked if I could take a team shot of the South Newton team with their new kit so […]

It was hot!

First shoot today at South Newton FC. It was a hot quite heavy day and I felt slow and sluggish. I struggled with timing a bit and did not move about as much as normal. There was a good portion of play in the middle of the pitch and I was able to get shots […]

Nothing stays the same

Today (Sat 19th Aug) was shooting for the second time at Bremhill Lane in Calne. It was a good demonstration of how it is a good idea to run through everything I am going to do before I start even if it is somewhere and something I have shot before. Last time I was at […]

Back from a short break

Yesterday evening (Thurs 17th Aug) got back from a 3 day break down in Weymouth. Being away meant a change from my usual shooting habits with a bias towards private family shots and keepsakes. Being at the coast provides its own challenges – the light can be very different especially when right next to open […]

3 match shoots in 4 days

Today (Sat 12th August) I travelled to Bulford Barracks to shoot Pulse Academy versus Salisbury Town making it my third game shoot in 4 days which is pushing it for the fibromyalgia. I took my youngest son with me to help out and using my spare camera to try and get some shots of me […]

Better weather

Today (10th August) I was at Stanley park again for another pre season of Pulse Academy against Filton. The weather was much improved on the last couple of matches being dry with broken cloud. This improved light and not having a cover on the camera meant I was able to concentrate on shot composition – […]

More rain

Todays shoot was Pulse Academy v Weston Super Mare. Once again it was raining although nowhere near as bad as last weeks game. As my camera cover had arrived a few days ago I got to try it out. While it provides much better coverage than bags and allows more freedom of movement it is […]

Evening kick off

Last night (Fri 4th) was the pre season match between Pulse and Warminster Town reserves at Bremhill Lane Calne. I always find evening matches challenging photographically as pitches tend to be enclosed which add shadows to an already waning light. Shooting any kind of action in reduced light becomes harder as camera settings have to […]

How I work

I thought I would post a quick guide to the process I go through producing the photos I display on the site to help people understand what I am referring to in future posts and so they can gain an idea of time scales. First off I will consider what I plan to be shooting […]

Wet – very wet!

Ok I am going to kick off the blog proper with an appropriate starting point – the first pre season17/18 match I have attended for Pulse Chippenham. The title really sums it up – it rained……a lot. Today (Wed 2/8) was easily the worst conditions I have ever shot in – ever dared shoot in. […]