Having declared a new attempt at blogging I then go and stumble almost immediately by promptly forgetting to do it. I have now added a reminder to my calendar lol.

Last week was busy with a difference as not only did I have normal daytime subjects it was also the week of the summer solstice at Stonehenge which I visit if the weather forecast is good. The Solstice involves what is effectively nighttime shooting it being the shortest night and throws my sleep routine out of the window with all sorts of knock-on effects.

It was a good year for the solstice with a good sunset on Wednesday evening and lovely clear skies in the morning with just enough misty light cloud to make it colourful. The solstice is a great place for photography as not only do you have the chance of some classic shots with the sunrise over the monument but there are lots and lots of very varied characters and costumes. It is a true mix of humanity with a very relaxed blending and general friendliness.


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